Monday, 27 March 2017

Software Developers in Trivandrum, Kerala

Over the past ten years, iAntz have been involved in Software development Projects for many clients and for different areas of interest. We are happy to say that during our Journey we have helped a large number of clients in achieving their business goals, to enhance their online presence, automating their business, A hazzle free working environment to their business process. 

Thanks to our Highly skilled professional's to develop many sophisticated Software's for clients from different domains, Regardless of the type of Projects or working domain, our team comes up with the best solutions to make your software awesome....!!!. 

Our Software development services are tailored specifically for each of our Clients based on their requirements, budget and Time. Our dedicated works has made us on among the best software development companies in Kerala

Software development, Web development, SEO services

Our Web development is also marked by its own unique features, styles and latest technologies. iAntz IT Solutions, best among the web development companies in trivandrum Kerala.  We have created a large number of web applications by clearly understanding the requirements and the technology to be indulged. We provides services from Small to medium Scale industries. In order to make your web solutions stand out of the crowd, our professional developers would implement modern strategies for promising results. We offers effective package for our clients to build their online presence by delivering beat web solutions as well as SEO services. SEO helps to builds brand awareness which results in brand trust, Popularity and Traffic. We are happy to say that iAntz is also a leading SEO service company in Trivandrum Kerala

Our Consultants and Software developers are there to assist you in developing your website development , Mobile App development, Software Development, Online store or web application , SEO service etc. 

If you're looking for a Web development company in Trivandrum Kerala to develop a website or online software, we can help you to define your requirements and the put in place a plan to help you achieve both your immediate requirements as well as your long term goals.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Looking for an Ad agency Software for your Advertising Agency?

Why an Advertising Agency needs a Software?
To take a marketing campaign from creative inception to client delivery to launch requires a team of people performing numerous jobs. Productivity is the most important factor in an Advertising agency.  It can be easy to lose track of what tasks have been completed, what still needs to be done, and who is working on each aspect of the campaign. How do you motivate your employees and provide them with the tools to stay productive each and every day?  At this point we would like to talk about advertising agency software which helps to automate your Ad agency thereby increasing productivity.  

Automated development through a project management tool helps you create a workflow chart that tracks all areas of the marketing campaign while also allowing anyone to view the various stages of project development. As an added benefit, a project management tool can help to clarify roles and responsibilities and allow managers to move around projects based on an individual's capacity. 

iWorkSync-Ad - Ad Agency Software

iWorkSync-AD, Ad agency Software, is a fully integrated business management solution designed specifically for Media companies businesses. 
iWorkSync-AD supports all workflows within an ad agency, from Pipeline Management and Forecasting, to Project Management, Vendor and Purchase Orders, Price Quoting and Estimates, Task allocation, Time Sheets and Expense Management, Files and Collaboration, Billing and Invoicing as well as integrated accounting that includes multi company and multi currency, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable etc. Every feature in the system has been made to accommodate the needs for ad agency software.  iWorkSync-AD offers whole business automation, quick-to-implement and easy-to-use. iWorkSync-AD promotes productivity, boosts creativity, and adds to the top and bottom lines of an advertising agency.

Ad agency Software, Advertising agency Software

Our Advertising agency Software is simple and ready to use, and can be Customised to your requirements. This Agency project management Software is a cloud application, which means that most of the storage and processing takes place on computers, called servers.Then, when you connect to them, you use a fairly simple and common client a web browser (IE ,Google chrome ,Mozilla etc) to access the service and interact with it. It often doesn’t matter if that browser is on a PC, a Mac, iPhone / Android / windows based Phones ,Tab ,Notepad or any other kind of computer; iWorkSync-AD SaaS makes the same cloud-based services available on a multitude of devices.

Do you need Advertising Agency Management Software ?

If you feel that your company is not running smoothly, misses any task or task not assigned properly, Projects not managed properly, wasting your valuable time tracking and communicating and its affecting the companies entire Productivity then you need an Agency Project management Software.....!!! 
Give us a call or drop a mail, We will get back to you. 
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