Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Web designing trends to try in 2017

It’s a new year, A beginning for a great year and of course to find new web designing patterns. 2017 is sure to bring some new and great website designs, but if we look hard enough, we can already start seeing some trends that are sure to dominate websites in 2017.

Some Web designing trends 2017

1.     Gradients - 
Be sure that Gradients are going to play a big role, really going to come back. Two colour gradients and gradients on Photos will really looks great. You can also use a gradient background to draw the eye when you don’t have other imagery to work with. 

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2.     Videos with Sound -  
The number of people watching videos is getting higher year after year. Most people like to get the glimpse of the page through a video than to spend time in reading the texts. This helps to improve user interaction. But you should handle this carefully as not all users appreciate it, so give options to switch 'ON' the sound and to skip the video. Also care should be taken to check the page load time. If higher page load time increases bounce rate.

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3.     Virtual Reality!!!!

Virtual reality is really going to emerge in 2017. This will really increases anxiety among the users and will make them to stick on to your page and to explore more. You should really be ready to go for it. Website designs with 360-degree video and other highly interactive experiences with three-dimensional effects will turn on VR. This will take interaction to a next level...!!!

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4.     Parallax Menu

We have being using that from 2016, it was a big trend, but still it will be used in 2017. Parallax menu has been found much useful. This trend will continue with more impressive and fancy effects. 

5.     New Navigation Patterns

From hidden or pop-out styles to navigation on the side or bottom of the pages, it is trendy to move the menu. When considering a change to navigation styles, think about user patterns. Is the nav easy to find and does it work in a manner that users will understand intuitively? If so, go for it. If not, rethink the idea.

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6.     Neutral Colour Palettes

Last year more concentrations were given to brighter colours, now it’s time to try neutral but attractive colours. Look for more greens, beiges and muted tones in projects. Color palettes will be derived from the natural world and have less of a bold, bright, almost-neon look to them.

7.     Big and Bold Topography

Big and bold never goes out of style, It is trend that is getting bigger and better with every years. From vintage type styles to retro looks to completely custom typefaces, designers need to think about how to add flair with type to create visual interest. 

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