Monday, 31 October 2016

Ad agency Software - iWorksync Ad

The advertising world is fuelled by human creativity. It is an environment where people go without sleep and bang their fists until the perfect idea pops up in their heads. A visual, a jingle, an idea is worth millions. How can iWorkSync-AD help in your business? In an increasingly challenging market we need software that lets us focus on our business, not having to fumble with disparate applications that don't synchronize with each other.

What is iWorkSync-AD agency software?

'iWorkSync-AD' is a product developed for managing the daily activities of an advertising company or agency. iWorkSync-AD is a fully integrated business management solution designed specifically for Media companies businesses. iWorkSync-AD integrates functions of all your departments including Accounts, Production, Media and Finance. iWorkSync-AD offers whole business automation, quick-to-implement and easy-to-use. iWorkSync-AD promotes productivity, boosts creativity, and adds to the top and bottom lines of an advertising agency.

Ad agency software - iWorksync Ad

Features of Ad agency Software, iWorkSync-AD:

  • Support of Media and Production Job Types
  • Support of 5-types of Media Job Formats
  • Up to 26 options or Estimates can be created against a Job for both Media and Production Job types.
  • Automatic split-up of Insertion rows in Release Order for Media Print Jobs.
  • Able to take Print in almost all major sections
  • Attach and Send Email Options in Major sections
  • Part Payment / Invoicing
  • Flexible Payment Process against generated Invoices
  • Reports with option to Export to PDF, EXCEL
  • Flexible Settings Management
  • Flexible Department Management
  • Flexible User Access Rights
  • Flawless Calculations
  • Job History Tracker
  • Undisputed Dashboard
  • Tabbing System keeps you in a single window without any reloads of Whole page
  • Global Job Search
  • Eye catching Look and Feel

Ad agency software - iWorksync Ad
Ad agency software - iWorksync Ad

iANTZ IT Solutions, IT Company in Trivandrum Kerala India

iANTZ provides advertising agencies, public relations firms and media buying houses a proven business process through its iWorkSync Ad. Servicing communication organizations for over 13 years, we offer our clients a fully integrated software solution for all of their financial, accounting and management needs. iWorkSync Ad  will help your Agency stay on task, stay informed and work as a team. 

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