Thursday, 1 September 2016

Some Web designing and Web developing tips to make your Website Outstanding

We all have heard - First impression is the best impression, and its some what true. First impression have a significant impact on our initial judgement of something, especially in the first couple of seconds,  which is exactly why a quality website is essential for your business.Having high quality design work on your website has a powerful impact on your potential customer’s mind rendering their view toward your brand credible and competent. If your imagery looks somewhat shabby and unprofessional the people visiting your website are going to instantaneously switch off.

In this digital era Website is essential part of business. It even helped small business owners to extend their business and to seek potential audience for their business.Right from website development to website hosting. Developing a website is a specialized task. There are many essential elements which one should consider to gather good website traffic. It is also important that the conversion rate increases because of a website.

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Below mentioned are 5 useful tips for increasing sales through website:

  • If you are building an e-commerce site then your shopping cart must be visible. It is essential that customers purchase maximum products from the site. The customers should enjoy the website experience. They should be able to understand where to click in order to purchase an item and add items to the shopping cart. Once all the products are added, it should be easy for them to navigate to the next page for executing payment. There should be an option to subtract the product from the shopping cart in case the customer changes his/her mind.
  • For more sales, the customer should be provided with recommended products based on their interest. This gives them more options to consider while purchasing. Also if someone wants to purchase more products belonging to same model or genre then that can also be possible through ‘Recommended’ feature.
  • If it is a normal website to describe your company and range of products then a contact us page should be present. This helps in gathering more leads. A call to action page can help to get more information about the leads. Once it is gathered, a follow-up should be done.
  • For multiple pages website, there should be breadcrumbs used for navigation. Breadcrumbs lets the visitor know the path through which he/she has arrived at a particular web page. One can then go back to a previous page if needed. Breadcrumbs enables easy navigation. There should be no hidden paths. Every page should be properly interlinked. Relevant pages should be interlinked together. One can also use hyperlink if needed. Doing this enhances customer experience and ultimately the shopping experience.
If the landing page is not relevant then the customer will move to some other website without browsing more. This will increase the bounce rate which will further result in lower page rankings. So the website should have crisp and relevant content. The website should be able to build trust factor and engage the customer. Only then, the customers will buy from the site.

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